Bella LipSense and a Pink Eyeshadow Look

Whitney Gardner showcasing a pink makeup look featuring Bella LipSense by SeneGence.

By Whitney Gardner

Ind. Distributor #253203

SeneGence International

Certified Makeup Artist

Are you looking for a versatile and timeless lip color to add to your makeup collection? Bella LipSense is what you are looking for!
Bella is a nude shade that is perfect for any a casual day out or a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. Keep reading to learn how you can use Bella to recreate this look.
Whether you prefer a subtle daytime look or a more dramatic evening look, Bella is the perfect shade to complete your makeup look. Keep reading to discover how Bella LipSense can become your go-to lip color and how you can achieve the perfect look.


Base Face

In this look, I am using Medium Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer as my base layer. But if you prefer or need a fuller coverage, then you could use the MakeSense Foundation in your shade (contact me if you need help color matching).

Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer: Medium

MakeSense Foundation: Tan

Add Liquid Blush

Color Swatch of Rose Dew BlushSense, the long-lasting liquid blush from SeneGence.

Rose Dew BlushSense

(Limited Edition!)

ShadowSense for a Pink Eyeshadow look

This pink eyeshadow look was so simple to do, and it only takes two shades (third is optional for a reverse winged liner). Usually I opt for an ombré or smokey eye that is a little more complicated and uses three shades, but I love how this turned out and how the lighter shade really POPs at the top of your lid!

Color Swatch of Moca Java Shimmer ShadowSense, the long-lasting liquid eyeshadow from SeneGence.

Lighter Shade: Moca Java Shimmer ShadowSense

Color Swatch of Pink Posey ShadowSense, the long-lasting liquid eyeshadow from SeneGence.

Medium Shade: Pink Posey ShadowSense

Color swatch of Garnet ShadowSense, a deep brown liquid eyeshadow by SeneGence

Darker Shade: Garnet ShadowSense

(for reverse winged liner)

 How to Apply ShadowSense for 2 Shade Pink Eyeshadow Look

Step 1: Apply the medium shade as the base layer by dabbing a small amount of product on all over your eye lid and up to the brow bone.

Step 2: Add the lighter shade all right over the top of the base layer but stop at the crease of the lid.

Step 3: (optional): Add a reverse winged liner with the darker shade.

Add Mascara

The VolumeIntense Waterproof Mascara from SeneGence is one of my all time favorite products, because it grows your lashes while you wear it!

Single tube of VolumeIntense Waterproof Mascara in Black, the mascara created by SeneGence.

VolumeIntense Waterproof Mascara: Black

LipSense & Gloss

I chose to use Persimmon LipSense topped with Glossy Gloss for my lip color, but you try other colors as well. I would recommend using a warm toned color on your lips to stay consistent with the warm tone of the Rose Gold Eyeshadow.

Color Swatch of Bella LipSense, the long-lasting liquid lip color from SeneGence.

Bella LipSense

Color swatch of Glossy Gloss lip gloss from SeneGence

Glossy Gloss

Looking for a different LipSense Color?

How to Apply LipSense for Long Lasting Color:

Step 1: Clean your lips and dry thoroughly.

Step 2: Shake LipSense tube well.

Step 3: Open the tube and wipe off any excess product from the applicator wand.

Step 4: With your lips parted place the applicator on one corner of your bottom lip and use a sweeping motion to brush the product on all the way to the other corner. DO NOT sweep back and forth.

Step 5: Use the same technique to apply the product to your top lip.

***Allow lips to dry for 5-10 seconds in between coats***

Step 6: Repeat steps 4-5 two more times (3 coats on each lip).

Step 7: Apply gloss all over lips to set in your gorgeous new color! (Apply gloss as often as necessary)

(Would you prefer a video? Watch the application here.)

Finished Look Gallery

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