How to apply liquid lipstick that lasts all day!

Image of scattered tubes of various shades of LipSense, the long lasting liquid lipstick from SeneGence

Written by Whitney Gardner

January 3, 2023

Want to apply liquid lipstick so it lasts all day?

That’s right, no time wasted on reapplication every time you sip your drink, kiss your kids, or accidently rub against your clothes.

LipSense stays on and continues to look awesome, even when any of things happen.

But it takes some “know how” to achieve those long lasting results.

Check out the instructions below to become an expert!


Steps to Apply Long Lasting Lipstick 

Step 1: Clean and dry your lips

Make sure your lips are clean and dry. I like to use a tissue to dry my lips.

Step 2: Mix the color

Close the lid tight and then shake the tube of LipSense to make sure the color is mixed evenly.

Step 3: Remove excess product

Unscrew the lid and wipe off any excess product from the applicator back into the tube. You only need a small amount of product because we will be applying in 3 thin layers.

Step 4: Apply to your lips in 3 thin layers

Apply a layer of color to your bottom lip by starting at the outside corner and swiping across to the other side. Resist the urge to swipe back and forth because you don’t want to apply too much color. Remember “3 thin layers.”

While the bottom lip dries, apply the first layer to your top lip using the same swiping method.

Repeat two more layers on each lip, allowing your lips to dry (about 10seconds) between each layer.

Step 5: Top with gloss

After your lips are dry, apply a liberal amount of gloss or tinted gloss to seal in the color.


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