Orange Eyeshadow for a Perfect Fall Makeup Look

Whitney Gardner showcasing an orange eyeshadow look using liquid eyeshadow by SeneGence

Written by Whitney Gardner

December 1, 2022

Warm. Bright. Dramatic.

There are so many reasons orange eyeshadow is “in” right now. Wearing orange on your eyes is an immediate confidence booster because it makes you feel powerful, like an ancient viking woman.

But orange eyeshadow doesn’t have to be dramatic to be beautiful. It can be subtle enough to make an excellent everyday look for fall.

In this look, I opted for a subtle orange palette based around Goldstone Shimmer ShadowSense, a warm orange liquied eyeshadow that shimmers in the light. 

Base Face

In this look, I am using Medium Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer as my base layer. But if you prefer fuller coverage, then you could use the MakeSense Foundation in your shade (email me if you need help color matching).

Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer: Medium

MakeSense Foundation: Tan

ShadowSense for Orange Eyeshadow Look

Lighter Shade: Sandstone Pearl Shimmer ShadowSense

Medium Shade: Goldstone Shimmer ShadowSense

Darker Shade: Candied Cocoa Shimmer ShadowSense

How to Apply ShadowSense for an Orange Eyeshadow Ombré Look

Step 1: Apply the medium shade as the base layer by dabbing with your finger all across the lid and up to your brow.

Step 2: Using the dark shade, add a natural smoky eye by applying to the outer corner and then bringing the product inward by dabbing with your finger.

Step 3: Then apply the lightest color by patting directly with the applicator wand, starting from the inner corner and ending in the middle of the lid.


LipSense & Gloss

Color Swatch of Toffee Gloss, a LipSense Gloss by SeneGence

Toffee LipSense (discontinued)

Unfortunately, this beautiful Toffee gloss was a Limited Edition Gloss and has been discontinued by SeneGence. But here are a few alternatives from the permanent line that would compliment an orange eyeshadow look. 

You could also consider using one of the beautiful Tinted Lip Balms that SeneGence offers.


Color swatch of Pink Sand Gloss, a LipSense Gloss from SeneGence

Pink Sand Gloss

Color swatch of Rose Gloss, a LipSense Gloss from SeneGence

Rose Gloss

Color swatch of Sand Gloss, a LipSense Gloss from SeneGence

Sand Gloss

Finished Look

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